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Posted on May 21, 2020

Richmond Atelier

We are delighted to introduce British artist Christian Furr and his latest series called ‘Jouissance’. We will be exhibiting a large selection of these vibrant works at forthcoming exhibitions. In addition to the oil paintings, Furr’s ‘Jouissance’ collection
has evolved into small print editions, with or without applied diamond dust.

Furr’s latest series Jouissance was born after viewing an artificially generated explosion in a lab, a visual that
remained with him as a conceptual framework. When Furr slowed the explosion down and played it backwards
and forwards it looked to him like a painting – which he needed to paint. In painting the artificially generated
explosion, the artist had made it ‘real’ and in doing so had turned it into something else. Furr also references the
spectacular ending of the film Zabriskie Point; a five-minute sequence of a single explosion, repeated in super
slow motion, demonstrates the abstract quality of film itself. Actual objects are transformed into a riot of colour
and form.
“My Jouissance works are about formlessness, they use colour to express what I want them to express.
Colour has its own power”.

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